Billy D'Ettorre


VIDEO: Very Rare Justice League Movie From 1997

Big news was made at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend with the announcement that a new Superman film will be released in 2015, and that the Batman will be in that flick with the Man Of Steel.

The two heroes have crossed paths many times over the years in radio, TV, cartoons, and comic books, but never in a major motion picture.  This will lead to a movie starring The Flash the following year, and eventually a flick with the whole Justice League (sort of an all star team of DC Comics heroes, sort of like The Avengers for Marvel Comics).

Most people don't know that a 1997 TV movie was made with the Justice League, and it's AWFUL!!!!!!  So bad that robots should be sitting in front of the screen making fun of it.  It is still an interesting curiosity for comic book nerds like myself.  The cast is made up of...

It was never shown on TV in the U.S. but was seen in the U.K., Thailand, Brazil, Poland, Puerto Rico, Israel, Germany, and many other countries.

Sit through it as long as you can....


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