Dummies Rob Delivery Man At Their Own House

Dumb criminals aren't limited to Wayne County and Florida... the newest one lives right near Billy in the city.

Two people have been arrested and charged for robbing a pizza delivery man.

Rochester Police say the delivery man, who works for Salvatore's Pizzeria on Dewey Avenue, was making a pizza delivery to a home on Dewey Avenue just before 4:30p.m. on Friday.

When he arrived at the house, police say 21-year-old Anthony Mayhew was waiting for him and threatened him with a club. The man was forced to leave the food, cash and his phone and left the area to call 911.

Police found Mayhew and 27-year-old Catherine Manchester inside a home on Velox Street and charged them with robbery, grand larceny and criminal mischief.

Who robs someone from their own house?  Kind of makes you easy to find.


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